Auto Studio is the first and only application and website in Jordan that offers interactive 360 views of new and used cars for sale. At Auto Studio, we believe that displaying a car professionally is the most important factor in attracting buyers' attention and facilitating a transaction in a timely manner. Whether it is a brand new car or a used car, displaying 360 exterior/interior views and including a video of the car will definitely make a huge difference in the eyes of the viewer (buyer) and will lead to increased online viewings of the car thus increasing the chances of it being sold! 

Since our studio is equipped with automated devices, we provide the latest technology in photo shooting for the exterior and interior of the car. Our studio is built according to European standards in terms of materials used and the quality of images. A session only takes 10 minutes to create multiple professional images, a 360 interior image and a video of the car while it is rotating on a platform made especially for the purposes of photo shooting. Once the images and videos are uploaded to Auto Studio portal (App and website), detailed features and technical specifications of each listed car are also added to create a unique experience for potential buyers and for cars owners.